Spiritual Reset? Life Together at Holy Trinity

Do you need a spiritual re-set? Are you not sure what you believe anymore? Did you grow up in a conservative denomination and haven’t fully integrated a new kind of faith and practices? Have you felt estranged from organized religion yet sensing a desire for more depth in your spiritual life? Would you like to learn more about Holy Trinity, Lutheranism, and the ELCA? 

Maybe one or more of those describe you. Life Together is a safe place to explore your spiritual questions with other seekers. We will talk about the Bible, liturgy, sacraments, sin, salvation, other religions, and other challenging topics. Life Together will meet at HTLakeview likely once monthly on Sunday mornings beginning in October. For more information or to RSVP for Life Together at HTLakeview contact Pr. Craig Mueller. For information about the possibility of a Life Together group at HTLoop, contact Pr. Ben Adams.