Sermon 10/19/19: The Heart of Persistence (Pr. Brooke Petersen)

Sermon 10/19/19: The Heart of Persistence (Pr. Brooke Petersen)

We need to be reminded to pray and not lose heart.  We get tired, our pleas fall on closed hearts and ears that refuse to listen.  We get redirected or told we are too loud or too angry.  We get frustrated and we break.  We show up to protests and it’s hard to carry our signs and chant our chants anymore.  And, so this parable is a reminder to us that it isn’t something lacking within us that we need to get right.  We aren’t weak because we feel that the work of justice is hard.  We don’t lack faith because we lose heart sometimes.  God’s promises to us are written on our hearts, and our God, as persistent as a widow crying out in the street, will stand with us as we cry out to every unjust judge and every unjust system.  Our God will join God’s voice with ours as we confront powers that do not fear God and respect no one.  Our God will link arms with ours as we call for a world that is better, that is holier, that is full of more goodness, and more peace.  Our God doesn’t just know that we cry for justice, our God demands it alongside us. 

Sermon 10/20/19: Worn Out (Pr. Craig Mueller)

Sermon 10/20/19: Worn Out (Pr. Craig Mueller)

God is the persistent One who is unrelenting:

desiring your wholeness, but also the healing and well-being of all creation.

When you are worn out, when it is hard to have hope for the future,

when you don’t have the energy to stand up for the widows and marginalized ones in our day and time,

God never gives up. God keeps on.

God’s forgiveness and mercy and grace never run out.

This divine persistence changes your heart,

softens your heart, opens your heart

so that you can get up tomorrow and begin another day.