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Craig Mueller, Lead Pastor

  • Born near Williamsburg, VA

  • Went to school at Gustavus Adolphus College

  • Hobbies include reading, playing the piano, cooking, running, yoga, travel, all things Bach

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Michelle Sevig, Associate Pastor (HTLakeview)

  • Born in Anoka, MN (near Minneapolis)

  • Went to school at St. Cloud State University

  • Hobbies include reading cookbooks and cooking, bargain shopping, photography and watching little league baseball games.

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Ben Adams, Associate Pastor (HTLoop)

  • Native of Livonia, MI

  • Went to school at John Carroll University

  • Hobbies include record collecting, biking, and playing his ukulele

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David Brackley, Minister of Music

  • Born in Augusta, Maine

  • Went to school at American Conservatory of Music, Chicago

  • Hobbies include cooking, musical composition, anything related to the organ.

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Beau Surratt, Administrator and HTLoop Musician

  • A native of Jackson, Tennessee

  • Church administrator, communicator, liturgist, and musician for more than 20 years

  • Hobbies include collecting fountain pens and stationery and all things Disney, especially Winnie the Pooh.

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Ayriole Frost, Music Assistant

  • Born in Cleveland, Ohio

  • Attended Ball State University, Carnegie Mellon University, and New England Conservatory

  • Co-founded and serves as Executive Director of Shift:Englewood Youth Orchestra

  • Hobbies include knitting, painting, and sci-fi/fantasy films & novels

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Paul Strome, Finance and Building Administrator

  • Born on the east coast and was raised in Pennsylvania

  • Attended Westminster College (PA) and Missouri State University

  • Lived in Chicago Since 1983

  • Serving at Holy Trinity following retirement after 30 years with KPMG LLP

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John Weit, Assistant Organist

  • Deacon in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

  • Serves in the Office of the Presiding Bishop as Program Director for Music for the ELCA

  • Lives in the Hyde Park neighborhood with his spouse, Matt James, and their cat, Buddy.

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Audrey Frost, Nursery Attendant

Lauren Haines Walerow, Children’s Choir Director