Toward 100 Week 1 Construction Update


We are thrilled to announce that $700,000 has been given or pledged by 100 or so members and friends of Holy Trinity to the Toward 100 capital campaign. Due to those able to make initial contributions this summer, several projects have already begun. Read below information from Paul Strome, our finance and building administrator, about this week’s progress. For those who would still like to participate in the campaign, the campaign booklet may be found here, pledges may be made here, and donations may be made here.

And so it begins!  As I write workmen are grinding away loose mortar joints in the bricks and capstones above Passavant Hall.  On Monday the main chimney came down; by noon Wednesday it was back up!  Keeping rain water in its place (outside, not inside) is a decidedly unglamorous way to start the building phase of the Toward 100 campaign, but Passavant hall and the St Mark's room thank you for your support. The roof is a place few members see so I hope these photos give you a sense of what's happening and why.