HTLakeview Air Conditioning Installation Nearly Complete

"All in all it's just another [hole] in the wall."

When you next visit the sanctuary you will notice that the inside portion of the air conditioning system is in place, if not yet working. Positioning the interior units was easy. Connecting them to the outside compressors was art. To do this holes had to be drilled -- in the floor, in the foundation, in the balcony. All were drilled with a precision that will ultimately be unseen but greatly appreciated by those of us who struggle with getting the hole just right when hanging the latest family portrait.

All is on schedule and we hope to be able to use the air conditioning for the first time on July 28.

This work is made possible by the Toward 100 capital campaign. In the coming several months we will receive firm bids on the lift/elevator, accessible restroom and Passavant Hall renovation. We hope to move the forward with Spiritual Life Center at Grace Place as well.

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