Toward 100 Update: And now for something completely different...

The Toward 100 projects completed thus far have mostly been hidden from sight: a chimney rebuild, parapets pointed, wiring strung in the crawl space, compressors lined up in a gangway, etc..

The next project is out there for the entire community to see. AAA-1 Masonry has begun tuck pointing the southern elevation of the sanctuary. This is what is known as a 100% grind out so all the new mortar joints will be the same color and uniform thickness. In short, putting out best face to the public. The east and west elevations have had much less harsh weather exposure and will be ground out and tuck pointed where needed.

Expect motorized lifts, scaffolding and a bit of dust as old mortar is ground out and replaced.

The schedule calls for the work to be completed in three weeks but that allows time for the Cubs schedule and rain delays. The work on the common brick on the office/classroom building will follow as soon as ComEd can cover their distribution lines in the alley.

The large stained glass window on the southern exposure will be removed by Daprato Rigali Studios the week of September 16. For several weeks after that there will be plywood filling the void as the panels are repaired and strengthened. The glass will be back in place before the chill winds of late fall blow.